Metal Framing

Metal framing is almost universally accepted in the construction of commercial construction now, and as wood becomes scarcer and more expensive, we believe that metal will eventually become the material of preference for residential building use also.

California Expanded Metal Company (CEMCO) was founded in 1974 and has become a premier manufacturer of cold-formed steel-framing  and metal lath products. 

CEMCO is committed to quality control and uses only mill-certified prime steel



Sep 9 2009

Swanson Building Materials now offers CEMCO's new VIPER Metal.   Viper steel only became available in June of 2009 and represents one of the newest innovations in cold-form steel-framing products. 

The VIPER stud was developed by
CEMCO in conjunction with Marino/Ware and represents a lighter, stronger, and much better product than the"dimpled" steel that we previously sold.  Viper studs are made from high-strength steel and formed with ViperRib technology which provides higher gage strength using lighter gage steel and, therefore, offering equivalent "code" building material at a significant saving to you, our customer.

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CEMCO, Viper studs, or just need an ES or MSDS report, please visit CEMCO's web site "HERE".    We invite you to use the "Metal Order Request Form" provided on this link and Fax it to our office, contact our knowledgeable customer service desk at:  (801)973-2736; or visit us using the down loadable, printable easy to read maps provided in the "Contact Us" tab of our home page.  

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