Taping Tools

If your in the business of hanging drywall you already know you need a complete set of taping tools if your going to be able to bid labor cost at a par with your competition.  We have sold taping tools for over 15 years now and all that experience has taught us that we want you to buy Columbia Taping Tools.  We can, and do, sell both North Star and Tape Tech, but we carry a complete line of Columbia Taping Tools because we believe that dollar for dollar, they are the best taping tools we can provide our customers. 

If you need or would like assistance from our knowledgeable customer service staff, please don't hesitate to contact us.  Our customer service department is one of the most experienced in the industry so if you have any questions about your project, please contact them.   Our phone number is:  (801)973-2736 and our Fax number is:  (801)973-2791.  You can also send an e-mail or view, download, and print, easy driving instructions to any or our three locations using the "Google Map" utility located in the "Contact Us" tab of our home page.

Taping Tool Rentals

Taping Tool Rentals

Our rental program, based upon the amount of interest and participation, has been a huge success.  This program is a "child" of our taping tool repair program.  Having a certified, in-house, taping tool repair technician allows us to keep our taping tools at peak performance.  It's also a major reason our rental program is so popular with our customers.  They know that rented tools from Swanson Building Materials they know they are getting rentals that will work like new at a discount price.

The one cravat to our Taping Tool Rental program is that you must have an open account.  If you do, however, and are interested in renting set of taping tools, please come in and we'll get you set up and out the door in no time.  If you are interested in setting up an account, you can download our credit application in our "Applications and Form" tab on our home page and Fax to:  (801)973-2790 or mail it to our Salt Lake City office at:  525 West 2890 South, Salt Lake City, Utah,  84115.